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18 X 36 Oval Leaf Net Pool Cover

  • 18 X 36 Oval Leaf Net Pool Cover
    18 X 36 Oval Leaf Net Pool Cover
    Winter Covers
    Simply lay the leaf net on top of your winter cover or pool. Your cover & pool will be virtually leaf free and clean-up will be a snap. Eliminates that messy swamp of decaying leaves! The leaf net's tight mesh traps even the smallest leaves before they reach your winter cover. Other brands of leaf nets have larger mesh that allows small leaves to pass through to your winter cover and decompose in the spring. Above-ground leaf nets have an extra 3-foot overlap for an easy fit. Can be used with or without a winter cover underneath. Black mesh fabric. Leaf net covers are made from durable woven polyethylene and carries a 5 year warranty. If you live in an area where leaves are a problem invest in a quality leaf net. Heavy duty vinyl coated cable and turnbuckle included Free with purchase of this cover! Please Note: Actual cover size is 3' larger than pool size.
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